CoverYoung Sir Gawain sets out to defend the honour of Camelot. Yet his first quest threatens to be his last. He must endure a blow from the axe of the mighty Green Knight, who has insulted Camelot and challenged the Knights of the Round Table. It’s a competition that may well cost Gawain his life …

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight is an old English tale involving King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. Part ghost story, part love story, it cleverly satirizes the chivalric world of the Arthurian court. Originally written in the Middle Ages by an anonymous author, today it is considered a classic of world literature.

Walter Pfau / Christopher Bünte
Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
€ 22.00
192 pp., 4-colour, hardback
Dimensions: 17.0 cm x 24.0 cm
ISBN 978-3- 00-053500- 0

Press and Publicity

‘A captivatingly charming love letter to sincerity and moral values, brimming with incomparable visual effects and well-placed gags, lavishly presented with virtually no concessions made to cost.’
Matthias Penkert-Henning,

‘Sir Gawain and the Green Knight is a successful adaptation that expertly manages to transpose its ancient material into a modern setting, yet also stands on its own.’
Jan-Niklas Bersenkowitsch,

‘An imaginative realization of this classic chivalric romance.’
Marc Schmitz, Comixene

‘This book invites you to keep picking it up and discovering new facets of history.’
Frank Neubauer, Zack

‘The two artists bring together a colourful mix of experience, artistic talent and creativity.’
Mirjam Schlicher, Schwäbische Zeitung

‘It doesn’t get better than this!’
Christian Recklies,


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